Whiskey’s Wake - Distant Lands [EP]


Distant Lands, the new EP from the Celtic rock unit Whiskey’s Wake, features four new tracks that will not disappoint. The new album embodies everything wonderful about Celtic rock—classic Irish barroom choruses, a bounty of instruments, high energy—all while pushing the boundaries of the genre by drawing influence from other styles, including pop, pop punk, and folk. The group has also teamed up with viola virtuoso Sophie Blair (Mindy GledhillNymph) on two tracks.

“Keep the Fight Alive”, the album single, is a Celtic pop-punk power ballad that will leave listeners energized and ready to kick their day in the ass. The track features powerful guitars, melodies led by banjo and accordion, and the mother of all woodwind instruments: bagpipes. Yes, the bagpipes are back!

Distant Lands builds on their previous release, Wake Up, Whiskey, which attracted significant attention in the small, yet mighty Celtic punk scene, capturing positive reviews from the main purveyors of genre, such as Shite N’ Onions and London Celtic Punks, as well as interest from other folk audiences, including the Great American Folk Show with Tom BrosseauCeltic Crush Radio with Larry Kirwan, and The Loft FM. The album also had a successful radio campaign finding itself in regular rotation across the country, including on KXUA, KXUL, WSUM, KSYM, WCNI, WUOG, KFQX, WHFR, WODU, WVMO, KUOM, WXOU, and more! 

Whiskey’s Wake is a Celtic Punk / Rock / Folk troupe from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their music is a distinct blend of multi-instrumentation, punk energy, layered harmonies, and choruses designed for crowds to join. Their songs often feature a narrative journey, culminating in resounding crescendos in which the distinction between band and crowd becomes blurred. While drawing inspiration from traditional Irish, punk, and ska icons, Whiskey’s Wake creates their own sound by branching into a variety of genres and embracing their strengths: strong vocals, tight instrumentation, and having fun.


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