Westbound Train


Westbound Train
Come And Get It
ADDS 4/14/09

If the classic soul, smooth reggae, upbeat ska and distinctive storytelling found all over Westbound Train’s new album, Come and Get It, has you stepping into your neighborhood record shop in search of Otis Redding, the Wailers, or The Specials, nobody would be more stoked than the members of Boston's best modern reggae/soul outfit.
…Westbound Train wants to be your gateway drug.
Shattering musical boundaries while embracing the best of several genres, the septet has fully come into their own with Come and Get It, their second Hellcat release. The new album invites listeners on a journey, traveling through all of the band’s previous influences while creating an exciting new sound that they are eager to reveal to the world in 2009.

RIYL: Pietasters, Madness, Specials, Aggrolites
TRY: #3, 4, 5

Full Album Available Here: