Other Girls


Other Girls
Perfect Cities
Audio Eagle
ADDS 4/14/09

Perfect Cities is Other Girls first record on Audio Eagle Records, owned by The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney.

On songs like “Sleep A Year” and “The Facility,” The Other Girls have managed to fuse the real life practicality and bottled romanticism of all great pop rock bands, from The Replacements to The Smiths – bands from cold, matter of fact places where romanticism is a valuable commodity, that when accessed, is more beautiful, poignant, and rarified than any other. It’s on songs like “Hey Fella You Fell,” the drifter, couch surfing nostalgia of young fathers who both accept and resist the everydayness of their lives translates into a danceable pop song that makes you want to scream at your fate and embrace your ugly world all at the same time.

RIYL: Band Of Horses, National, Sound Team
Try: #2, 5, 6, 9

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