Warn The Duke - All That's Solid


“…channeling a number of classic punk bands from The Clash to The Replacements. The result is both comfortably familiar and satisfyingly original.” –New Noise Magazine

“These guys play that brand of punk rock and post-hardcore that bands like Hot Water Music perfected.” –Nerdist

“A lively punk rock album at once reminiscent of The Replacements and Husker Du”- Deli Magazine NYC

Warn The Duke is back with their first record in eight years. Written on the heels of lockdowns, divorce, and addiction, their new LP All That’s Solid is a window into the ebbs and flows of recovery.

Songwriter and lead singer Dan McCool (former River City Rebels) leads us through cycles of despair, renewal, and self-forgiveness that emerge after trauma and loss. Far-ranging influences bring us through this journey: the warmth of Mike Ness’s vocals, the wry defiance of Against Me!, the dense, dark guitar tone of Nothing, earworms and hooks of The Replacements, early 2000s mathrock-inspired lead guitar lines, and the hard-hitting punk grit of Hot Water Music. Layered harmonies and the combo of male/female vocals help emphasize the record’s bittersweet atmosphere.

Joining McCool are drummer Derek Davis (former Big D and The Kids Table/The Toasters), bassist/vocalist Chris Marciniak, lead guitarist Chris Ferreria, and guitarist/vocalist Dori Cameron.


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Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, Hot Water Music, The Get Up Kids, Bob Mould
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