Tony Saxon - Few Cogs Short Of The Clock

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Saxon is a cultivator of fine things from the past, like that person who finds the diamond in the rough at an antique store but instead he’s been digging in record bins and brings fans the stuff they may have never heard about.” –

Tony Saxon brings a wild-eyed ferocity to rock ‘n’ roll, and his manic performances have thrilled fans at area venues for years.” – Jim Testa

If you’ve never met Tony Saxon, known as the jack of all trades in music circles, you’d probably think to yourself this guy needs his own reality show. In reality part of that chaotic unique quality comes from Saxon’s bouts with Bipoar disorder. The artist throughout the years has done it all musically going from being in 3 piece garage rock outfits to 5 piece neo soul bands to being a one man show with delay pedals and enough gear to play an arena set. However now adays Saxon has resorted to tracking every instrument himself except for the occasional guest drummer.

Saxon’s newest album explores themes and vibes from the 60’s and 70’s an era he’s extremely fond of. In his own words Saxon says, “my entire life revolves around early African-American music” paying homage and tribute to everyone from Little Richard and James Brown to lesser know heroes of Soul like Jackie Shane. This his 8th album feels like the perfect blend of vintage and modern aesthetics.

In recording sessions Saxon had pictures of Brian Wilson and Phil Spector taped to the studio walls and his mantra became “Harmonize like Wilson, Record it like Spector”. Throughout the process Saxon was recording 14 hours a day for months on end. The newest album ‘A Few Cogs Short Of The Clock” has everything from covers of Jimmy Nelson’s 1960 Kent Record’s release “I Sat And Cried” to a cover of Hanna Barbara’s The Banana Splits “I’m Gonna Find A Cave”. On top of this Saxon has his own original soul and garage rock tracks interspersed throughout.


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