Tijuana Panthers - Pull The Chute [EP]

Innovative Leisure

“…during a live show, their spirit animal gets wild and reveals their gritty rock ‘n’ roll roots: throwback and blue-collar, but also, a good time.” – LA Weekly

“Cribbing as much from Brian Wilson’s lyrical topics as they take from Dick Dale’s reverb-soaked guitar tone” – Noisey / Vice

“…this band is growing past updated surf rock into something more eclectic and ambitious.” – AllMusic

“The new LP…escapes any preconceived barriers for its making and letting the music contort around the trio at its own free will” – Spin

“the band’s refusal to play by the book is a blessing to the ears.” – KEXP

“Like a freeform radio station, if you don’t like one song, there’s a good chance you’ll like the next….the band can pull off a mask of good ‘ol boys on a bar crawl, southern fried twang-rock, moody blues heaviness or straight-up pop madness.” – CMJ

On The Focus Track: “Socks La Vida” – Work life balance.  Dreadful and grateful feelings having to work hard for your money. Embracing it for the joys it can bring.