This Bliss - Retroshade

Mint 400

This Bliss has proved it’s pandemic-proof… the Boston electronic-pop duo of Jess Baggia and Nick Zampiello has released its most delicious, danceable and diverse album in ‘Retroshade,’ out March 5.” Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

“…a mesmeric, pulsating slice of excellent new electro synthwave music” –A1M Records

“Don’t call it a laptop project. Hailing from the greater Boston area, rockers This Bliss fuse affinities for electronics and pure songwriting to form a future-forward sound. The shimmering, whirring track engulfs you in heavy electronica in a pop style similar to CHVRCHES but more atmospheric.”  – Impose Magazine

“At this late date, it’s near impossible to invent a new genre. Enter This Bliss and what frontwoman Jess Baggia calls ‘true grime’…Baggia and crew blend such U.K. styles as grime and trip-hop with a film noir feel.” – Boston Herald

“ a cinematic dreamscape that explores the world of trip-hop and electronica” – Vanyaland

Back in January, This Bliss sent the world a “Friend” request. But the Boston electronic-pop duo’s flashy new single wasn’t so much a warm embrace as it was a call-out of all the alleged “friends” who aren’t what they say they are. With its influencing styles that range from electro to funk to R&B to freestyle, it was the perfect set-up for This Bliss’ new album, Retroshade, due March 5 via Mint 400 Records.

Retroshade takes This Bliss to impressive sonic heights, building on the electronica foundation of 2018 debut album Forensic Styles and the following year’s Dramatization of Real Events EP. The songwriting is a chemistry-fueled collaborative process between singer/guitarist Jess Baggia (The Shallows), and Nick Zampiello, the Party Bois’ percussionist and producer and owner of Somerville’s New Alliance East Studio.

“Like many musicians, we’ve struggled a bit with the idea that we should just represent one genre,” Baggia admits. “Our first record was more downtempo and trip-hop inspired, and as a result, we’ve typically been associated as such. Realistically, we have more range and are more ‘pop’ than anything else. That said, this new record is the best embodiment of what our ‘sound’ is to date — it’s cohesive but song to song you’ll feel the range of energy and influences.”

Over nine vibrant, pulsating tracks, Retroshade, and its many moods and vibes, reflects the true sound of 2021. And it almost comes off like its own greatest hits package, where each track can be considered a single.  “Retroshade is by far the best record we’ve created to date,” Baggia adds. “It captures our genre range while remaining cohesive. It’s electronic with ‘modern’ elements but we utilize actual analog gear and play everything ourselves as opposed to using digital plug-ins. The result is that ‘throwback’ feel.”