The Funky JC’s - Greetings From The Funky JC's

Mint 400/Raining

Blood Makes Noise: Interview 

“The band draws from the legacy of Stax/Volt and MotownIsaac Hayes film soundtracks, Hammond organ drones and 1970s funk rhythms while also delving into the avant-garde improvisations of bebop and modern jazz.” – Jim Testa |

The Funky JC’s are Michael Advensky (drums, percussion), Arthur Rodriguez (guitars), and Mike Todd (bass, keys). All three members grew up in “The Heights” section of Jersey City, NJ, and this common background has influenced their unique approach to songwriting and improvisation. MichaelArthur, and Mike have been playing together in different musical situations for 35 years but it wasn’t until 2020 that they found the time, motivation, and opportunity to write and record their debut release “07307.” Being signed to Mint 400 Records / Raining Music in 2021 provided even more encouragement and motivation to put out more music. Their second album, “Greetings from The Funky JC’s” set to be released in late August 2023, contains 8 songs with many guest performances including Joe Mosello (trumpet), Evan Megaro (piano, keys), Jimmy Tripi (vocals, keys), David Lackner (keys), Joie Giordano (vocals), and Christian Kisala (vibraphone). Mia Advensky and Emma Todd, two daughters of the band, even guest on some spoken word and Mark Rufino was brought onboard to mix and master the record.

Every song title of The Funky JC’s gives a nod to a location or experience in Jersey City, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. The Funky JC’s view their music as an extension of the sounds of the Jersey City streets that they all have cherished, survived, and learned from. Upon listening to the new album, Jimmy Tripi, who provided vocals on “Jersey City” which is an old Bobby Long song, stated that “It could only come from you guys who grew up there. It really is a kind of love note to Jersey City and sounds like decades of memories are in there.”


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