The Do–The Do EP–Get Down


The Do
The Do EP
Get Down
ADDS 5/12/09

The Do (pronounced like the musical note "do") present a digital only EP exclusively for US Radio!

The first note on the standard musical scale is "do" which is the last note also, representing what's new and what's old, giving the musicians and artist the latitude & longitude to re-invigorate any musical genre, from blues, rhythm & blues, jazz, bebop, doowop & hip-hop, not to mention rock & roll, and eitherway to sing or play you've got to do it with your heart & soul. Enter the band with the note-scale name and you add a new picture to the frame, only it's double entendre; for the "do" is the "do" who are doing a double take by rolling the rock uncovering the hole left in rock & roll after disco & pop skyrocketed to the top eclipsing all the other musical genre's except for hip-hop. Pop then jettisoned disco like a booster and flapped it's wings like a rooster, and crowed that it knowed all of the music and had taken the best and left the rest. Well the rest came, to put the picture back in the frame, and keep it simple like a dimple, on a teenager'sface, and are now filling the hole by popular demand spanning the space between the rock and the roll, with wholesomeness & simplicity that excite like electricity. Dan & Olivia are the "do" and are two of the freshest faces in view, and by being in between their influences span the scene, cause both the letter "n" and the sign "&" signify no end from old to new, and that's what the "do" love to do.


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