Bob Dylan–Together Through Life–Columbia


Bob Dylan
Together Through Life
ADDS 5/5/09

"It's a powerful personal work by a man who still thinks for himself in an era of fear, conformity, and dehumanization. That it rocks mightily makes the message even more compelling. Whatever the hell it gets called, it'll be in the running for Best Album Of 2009"- Michael Simmons, MOJO

"...a raffish riff on romance...yarns, wry and real, of ordinary folks in the grip of lust, longing and heartache...Dylan has captured the vibrant, visceral, ramshackle sound of music made on the fly." Four Stars.- Edna Gunderson, USA Today

"Latter period Dylan is turning out to be some of his deepest, richest work. Together Through Life is another brilliant, sure-handed outing by one of the few certified greats still living up to his legend."- Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

"Dylan...has never sounded as ravaged, pissed off and lusty, all at once, as he does on Together Through Life." Four stars. - David Fricke, ROLLING STONE

"...his warmest, most unforced, set of songs in recent memory." Four stars.- Pete Paphides, The Times