That Handsome Devil


That Handsome Devil
A City Dressed In Dynamite
Modern Savage
ADDS 11/18/08

“That Handsome Devil's music... is the seamless, dramatic blending of genres that sends you on a Fear And Loathing-esque ride and never lets go.” - CMJ 

“Best CD I heard: I listened to a lot of stuff this week, but I'm quite fond of That Handsome Devil's A City Dressed in Dynamite..”- Pop Candy/USA Today

“Sounds like: Nick Cave fronting The Go Team airy, quirky production. Fun, preening stomp-funk with a late-Hendrix-inspired chorus’s and Madvillain-style interludes” - Wired 

“Think Outkast, Tom Waits and Prince getting messed up in a back alley joint on 100 proof whiskey while listening to seventies rock on the jukebox.” - Getweird

“…equal parts Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, bizarre electronica, creepy hip hop and in-your-face gonzo rock. It all kind of leaves you scratching your head, but it’s damn hard to put down”-Austinist

TRY: #3, 7, 8 - DIRTY: #2, 5

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