Roll The Tanks


Roll The Tanks
Police Me (single)
Intelligent Noise
ADDS 11/18/08

Roll The Tanks have unleashed all of their might with the modern day anthem respectfully called “Police Me”. Using the lineage of punk rock, the 4 lads released their hard charging debut album, “Suffer City” on October 21, 2008. Originally from Lowell, Massachusetts, Roll The Tanks have now piled themselves into a little house in Los Angeles’s San Fernando valley. The quartet is reminiscent of The Clash, The Replacements and their contemporaries Against Me! “Police Me”, the first “single” off Suffer City, conjures up a sense of both levity and introspection illustrated within a good cop/bad cop metaphorical subtext. A perfect relief in the screwball times afoot.

TRY: #1 (Clean edit of the single)

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