Shayna and the Bulldog


Shayna and the Bulldog
ADDS 8/25/09

States will be the first LP release from Davis, CA band, Shayna and the Bulldog ("SatB"), and it's coming out August 25th. The record was constructed during the hot and hazy summer of 2008 at The Hangar (Devendra Banhart, Jason Lytle, Team Sleep) in Sacramento, CA. Production was handled by Kris Anaya of An Angle. At its core, this album is about travels and change. Its songs, like lipstick on an empty glass, hint at those moments that inspired their writings, yet stand apart as a reminder that there is always hope in change, and in the unexpected consequence of a moment in time. Listening to "Expatriate" and "Trinkets" it is tempting to say SatB has matured since their EP. However, it is more likely they just got older. Keep an eye out for Shayna and the Bulldog on the road in the Fall of 2009.

RIYL: Wilco, Bowery Boy Blue, Limbeck
TRY: #2, 4, 7, 9, 10

Full Album Available Here: