Super 400


Super 400
Sweet Fist
Rock Ridge
ADDS 8/25/09

A few weeks back I turned you all on to Super 400, a rock band out of Troy, NY whose sound melded the best aspects of Led Zeppelin and Silversun Pickups, among others. They’re third studio album, entitled Sweet Fist is due out September 15th, and with this new album, Super 400 could very well find themselves listed in the same breath with Kings of Leon and The White Stripes as bands who bring back the glory days of rock n’ roll. Led by Kenny Hohman, a lead singer and guitarist whose brassy wail sounds like a perfect meld between Robert Plant and Chris Cornell, Super 400 deliver an energetic punch of blues, grunge and rock n’ roll in a perfectly measured package. Rather than trying to prove just how rock n’ roll they are with humongous, crunching guitars and pained lyrics, Sweet Fist goes for the nuanced, “less is more” approach. “I Thought It Was The End” is a simple, mid-tempo groover that resembles the blues guitar of Eric Clapton. Meanwhile first single “Flashlight” features the downright sexy vocals of bassist Lori Friday and a killer hook. “Sand Hill” takes that same retro-style blues rock and milks it for every note its worth, creating a moving, powerful number that in spite of its 6-minute length is one of the most memorable of the high points on the album." - ¡VIVA LA MAINSTREAM!

TRY: #4 - Flashlight

Full Album (and Radio Edit) Available Here: