Seth Bogart - Men On The Verge Of Nothing

Wacky Wacko

“The storied career of the glammy singer-songwriter continues with a jangly, fuzzy, noisy album of bummer jams that sound like hugs from a pal who’s bummed out about boys.” – Pitchfork: 7.6

Los Angeles-based musician, artist and DIY / queer icon Seth Bogart has released his newest album Seth Bogart Presents….Men On The Verge Of Nothing, out today on Wacky Wacko Recordings. Bogart’s first new music in four years, Seth Bogart Presents….Men On The Verge Of Nothing is a return to form for the artist with DIY-roots, entirely written and produced by Bogart himself with the exception of the reimagined cover of the X-Ray Spex’s track “Oh Bondage Up Yours!”, which features contributions from Kathleen Hanna and Kate Nash. MotVoN features additional playing from Roxanne Clifford (Patience / Veronica Falls), Tobi Vail (Bikini Kill / Frumpies) and Alana Amram (Hunx & His Punx / Habibi). Featuring previously released singles “Boys Who Don’t Wanna Be Boys”, “Dawn’s Lips” and “Lavender Heights”, Bogart’s latest effort is an absolute triumph, touching on past personal traumas and confronting patriarchy and societal constraints. Following the album release, Bogart is set to release a 12″ remix EP, featuring remixes of “Boys Who Don’t Wanna Be Boys” from U.S. Girls, Geneva Jacuzzi, Chris Cruse, Katie Alice Greer and Cold Beat, via Dero Arcade.

Bogart has been a fixture in the West Coast queer and punk art scenes since the early 2000s when he arrived in Oakland and joined the electropop group Gravy Train!!!!. In 2008, Bogart founded the garage punk band Hunx & His Punx and went on to create two albums with the group and a singles compilation. In 2015, Bogart began releasing music under his own name, and in 2016, the eponymous debut solo album Seth Bogart . Leading up to the release, Bogart was hailed as the “King of Camp” by PITCHFORK and his debut received praise from the likes of the New York Times, LA Times, Stereogum, Vice’s Noisey, Paper Magazine, V Magazine, NYLON, Exclaim! and more.

 While music is at the forefront, Bogart has also gained acclaim for his visual works. On September 12th, Bogart held New York solo gallery show debut with the opening of Library Fantasy Volume One at Fierman Gallery. The socially distanced opening features ceramic works from Bogart, running through October 25th 2020- full info below. Bogart’s work across mediums has drawn much acclaim- his art installations, featuring sculptures, paintings, ceramics and more appearing in galleries across the country, including Los Angeles’ 356 Mission, Chicago’s Soccer Club Club/Drag City and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.


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Bikini Kill, Hunx and His Punx, Shannon and the Clams, X Ray Spex, U.S. Girls