Rosey Bengal


Rosey Bengal
Ghillie Suit
Mint 400 Records
ADDS 6/18/19

“sweet and soulful and all sorts of rock-folk-rockabilly” - Adam McGuire |

“a genuine beating heart at the center of it all that’s impossible to fabricate.” - Mike Mehalick |

“For their new track, “Silk City Lockdown,” the band takes their well established format and turns it around by amping up the psychedelic elements. The song floats on a wave of distorted guitar. The vocals feature lots of echo and there is some amazing, standout synth work. It is an infectious, dreamlike song that demands multiple listens to fully enjoy all the layers the song has to offer. Who knew we would ever get shoe-gaze out of Rosey Bengal?” - Ed Magdziak |

Ghillie Suit”, the new LP from Rosey Bengal, pulls from a diverse and varied range of musical inspiration. Although rooted in American songwriting tradition, these tracks reflect a little bit of everything the band finds inspiring, leaving an album that blends into it’s sonic surroundings.

Recorded over the course of 2018 and 2019, in studio, barn, and bedroom, Ghillie Suit is an amorphous amalgamation of hopes, dreams, and heartache. This album is the follow up to their 2017 Mint 400 Records/ Sniffling Indie Kids release “Junk Mail” album and the growth in songwriting and the players is apparent.

RIYL: Jeff Tweedy, The Color & Sound, Son Volt, Delicate Steve
TRY: #1, 2, 8

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