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Reese Van Riper aren’t just a band that you’ll hear once and they’ll go away. In fact, this (band) will likely engulf you with their indie blues sound.” – The Aquarian Arts Weekly

“Craggy-voiced, he has a good bit of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in him, fusing a blues-based, electric guitar-driven sound with a spooky vibe and melodramatic vocals.” – Jim Testa |

“sleazy, bluesy North Jersey swamp rock” – Bob Makin | New Jersey Stage

“a unique mix of dark moody Americana with some grunge sludge around the edges. The charismatic frontman doesn’t just sing songs, he acts them out like you’re watching him play a character. “ – Sam Lowry |

New Jersey indie blues rock icon Reese Van Riper’s latest album “Saints” is the 2nd part in a 3 part trilogy entitled “Sinners Saints & Psychopaths”. “Saints” is full of addictive choruses and soulful somber hits which evoke emotion that uplifts the spirt. The combination of Reese’s constantly evolving songwriting skills (being a student of greats like Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Drive-By Truckers), powerful hooks and hypnotizing melodies makes “Saints” not only an absolute hit in this trilogy of albums but also one of the best albums in the band’s entire catalog.

Reese explains “As they say every saint was once a sinner. I found empowerment in writing about situations that would usually distress me. This album inspires self-reflection due to the fact that it was birthed out of a purge of emotion from life experiences that molded me. I feel like everyone will be able to relate to this one.”

It should come as no surprise that Reese Van Riper has taken on the endeavor of releasing 30 songs within a year with their “Sinners Saint & Psychopaths” album trilogy. Reese has been given the moniker of the most prolific songwriter in NJ. Since joining Mint 400 Records in 2019 the band has released 55 songs over 6 releases. Reese’s partnership with drummer and producer Glen Monturi has been the catalyst behind the band’s productivity and ability to constantly excel with each of their releases. Van Riper says, “Glen creates a vivid sonic landscape for the Reese Van Riper persona to thrive in”.


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