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Songwriter Sarah Magill makes music for feelers as Quiet Takes. A writer and wanderer, Magill has a nomadic creative practice that she balances with deep Midwestern roots.

“No One Again” is a sensuously disintegrating slow jam for solo folk. Feast on solitude. Romanticize having no one to write about. Throw yourself a champagne picnic in the desert and toast your own singular magic. The video was shot by Magill on a desert hike earlier this winter.

“No One Again” releases on 2/15/24 with the rest of Regrets Only, the debut album from Quiet Takes. Recorded in Eau Claire, WI, with producer Zach Hanson (Bon Iver, S. Carey, The Staves, Gordi), The album includes environmental sound captured on Magill’s travels and explores the risks/rewards of chasing after a love she thought she’d left behind. Sean Carey (Bon Iver, S. Carey), Jeremy Boettcher (S. Carey), Ben Lester (S. Carey), and Tim Sullivan all added talent. Huntley Miller mastered.

Regrets Only was born in a hotel room shower in the fall of 2021. Raw from isolation trauma and battling creative doubts, I drove up to see a show in Eau Claire for the first time since the pandemic struck. I was slowly coming back to making music, and the inner whispers were loud: It’s too late, you shouldn’t have quit back then, you’re embarrassing yourself now.

The show broke me. I witnessed the ease and beauty of musicians who had dedicated their lives to their craft and to each other. I witnessed what can happen when you don’t quit, don’t settle, don’t hide.

I escaped to my hotel room, sobbed in the shower and rode an intense wave of shame. Finally, beached up in my bathrobe, I asked myself: Do you want to find out what happens when you dedicate the rest of your life to your craft and the artists you meet along the way?

That night, I started the lyrics to ‘Oxbow Shower,’ which turned into track #2, a wry manifesto on harnessing regret to motivate action. I went home, finished up the demos I’d been quietly stashing, and sent them to Zach (who I’d met hosting a living room show for S. Carey years ago). He understood what I wanted to make, and, now, here it is: an album that sounds like me when I don’t quit, settle or hide. I hope Regrets Only whispers to others to do the same.”


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