Quiet Canyons - Quiet Canyons

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On top of everything going on in the world, 2020 saw the birth of Tim Williams’ second daughter, just before having his fourth heart surgery. The nine songs on Quiet Canyons’ self-titled debut album were written and recorded in the span of just two weeks, solely by Tim in Los Angeles. This process allowed him to gain control of all the chaos in the only way he knows how to – through making music. 

This album is by far his most personal and stripped down. We take a glimpse into the sleepless nights of Tim’s life. There isn’t a single note sung or played that isn’t absolutely necessary. Through years of songwriting (as a singer-songwriter, and in his previous band Soft Swells), Tim has learned the value of raw minimalism and the debut of Quiet Canyons embodies this fully.

Master producer Dave Lynch elevated the tracks by mixing on a vintage SSL console, at Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne, UK. The finished product was then sent off to Christian Wright for mastering at Abbey Road Studios in London. And there you have it: Honest. Uncalculated. Unapologetic.

“I wasn’t trying to write an album, I was just trying to stay sane amongst a world that is coming apart at the seams. I was thinking about my future and the mess ahead my kids will have to one day sort out if we can’t. There is really no light at the end of the tunnel for this record, we are still deep within it.” –Tim Williams


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