The Picture
ADDS 2/17/09

Not long ago, jumping off an iceberg on fire, a theorist slowly drifted out to sea in search of others who would embrace the chance to change the stars and emerge from a series of systematic network attacks. Soon he hit the continent and was joined by an Englishman and knowledge expert, ghosts and getaways, a chuckler and a bass player, a shepherd herding his flock with mallets and a forgotten hunter… all coincidentally perfect companions to bounce any intangible object they could find off of… and a group was formed. Now this was no ordinary sequence of events, no path of least resistance. Something changed when the five came together and now it could be said that this group was in fact a band. A band of questions, of pieces and fragments of memories. This band fit together, like Bluebirds and Artichokes. The Picture is Robert Abel, Greg Abel, Chris Buckle, Jake Siegler and Jared Vergilis. They are releasing, BLUEBIRDS, the first of two EPs on Feb 24th

TRY: #5

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