No Time For Caution - Cues

Mint 400/Raining

Blood Makes Noise: Review

No Time For Caution is a Post-Rock instrumental band out of Rochester, NY and San Jose, CA. The band was born after almost a decade long absence from the music scene. It was born out of necessity to release the stresses from the pandemic and was the outlet of intense passion of communicating those feelings through a musical avenue. Ryan Crosby (The Cast Before The Break), and with the help of Lars Ewell (The Cast Before The Break), created this album to highlight the feelings of a difficult year by focusing on building soundscapes based on the experiences of the highs and lows of the journey. No Time For Caution is for fans of This Will Destroy You, Maybeshewill, Explosions In The Sky, and Kanye.

“Cues” is the followup from the bands’ initial 2020 EP release “Inward, Onward”. The album dives into the mindset of Ryan Crosby in a year of immeasurable emotions from every end of the spectrum. “Cues” focuses on escapism by providing a happy, but haunting soundscape and aims to help guide your journey through the last year in the life of that artist in this 8 track effort. From the solem synths of “Everything Is Fine” to the energetic riffs of “It’s Really Coming Down Out There” this album hits all corners of the emotional spectrum.


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This Will Destroy You, Maybeshewill, Explosions In The Sky