Thrashed Records

Virginia's personal metal militia, Moutheater, will be releasing Ornament with Thrashed Records on June 30, 2009. Moutheater started as the late night rumblings of Tim Gault and Andrew Aircraft. The two would make music during the off hours at Tim's Double O Recording Studio. Through these late night adventures and the hours of conversations concerning their personal visions of what music is and should be, the concept for Moutheater was born. Both are rabid fans of the late 80's/early 90's grunge and metal explosion, ignited by bands like The Jesus Lizard, Nirvana, Scratch Acid, The Melvins and Tad. These bands form the musical foundation for the Moutheater sound, with a wide range of other influences including Neurosis, Swans, His Hero Is Gone and Cursed.

Moutheater recorded their debut 7inch Lot Lizard with legendary recording engineer and all around punk dignitary, Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Page & Plant, etc). The band was promptly picked up by Thrashed Records and Lot Lizard was released in November of 2007. While waiting on the release of Lot Lizard the band set up shop in the Virginia Ballet Company's rehearsal studio with Tim at the helm to record No Ballet which was released on Andrew's own Swim Harder Cassettes imprint. After that, the band recorded a split 7inch with Vegas and the Volume 1 compilation tape, both released by Thrashed Records, then ventured out on tour through the US.

Then, in December of 2008 the band entered the studio to record their full length entitled Ornament. The band camped out at a ballet studio (Ballet Virginia) for 4 days and recorded. Tim pulled double duty once again, handling the engineering as well as his drumming. Artwork for the record was handled by long time friend Nathan Novak who stayed with the band during the entire run of the sessions. The band along with Nathan and label head Mike Gicz ventured on exploring expeditions into the many dark chambers of the abandoned back half of the building during non recording hours. The photographs obtained by Nathan during these excursions yielded the artwork for the forthcoming record.

Upcoming Moutheater Performances

4/03 Macrock - Harrisonburg, VA
4/16 Stolen Sleeves Collective - NYC, NY
4/17 America - New Brunswick, NJ
4/18 The Farm - Powhatan, VA
5/24 Kempsville Ruritan -Virginia Beach, VA
7/13 The Vineyard - Kent, OH
8/01 Barnone - Virginia Beach, VA