M.A.G.S. - Destroyer


Elliott Douglas, aka M.A.G.S., is making a mess of things, but it’s for the better. His new album, Destroyer, centers around the idea that in order for true growth to really happen, we have to go through some sh*t first.

Sounding like a hybrid of Motown and Fueled By RamenDestroyer throws you head-first into a realm of sonic and emotional turmoil, opening a proverbial Pandora’s box of self-realization.

He explains: “I started therapy last year, and while it was helpful for me, what I really took away from it was that I’ve known the answers to all my problems the whole time. Healing has to be a choice. You can know what’s right and STILL do the wrong thing because accepting the truth requires real sacrifice. There has to be a level of ‘f*ck it’ to everything in life, otherwise things can get really overwhelming and the darkness will swallow you.”

“I’ve made the same mistakes over and over without ever realizing I was going in circles. I’ve burned bridges, I’ve hurt people and ran away from fires that I started…. The biggest theme of Destroyer is destroying yourself for the purpose of growth. A tree can’t grow until you prune the dead limbs, we’re the same way as humans. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, there’s always a way through the pain and desolation.”


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Bartees Strange, The Rare Occasions, Dehd, Bloc Party, Cloud Nothings, The Happy Fits
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#1, 9 (Clean edit of #1 on DISCO)