Little Brazil - Just Leave

Max Trax

The two consistent members of Little BrazilLandon Hedges (Desaparecidos, The Good LifeDan Maxwell, have been chasing the same thrill since they were five years old, back when Dan’s older brothers started a punk band, with practice space in the Maxwell basement. Hook, line, and sinker. Landon and Dan had no choice but to spend the rest of their pre-pubescent years crouched on the basement steps, not wearing earplugs. It didn’t matter if the music was good or bad or too loud to tell. J. Mascis and D. Boon and Paul Westerberg were alive in that basement, cranked through budget amplifiers and out of tune.

Fast forward three decades and Landon and Dan are still making music together. Little Brazil is their most accomplished and longest running project – 20 years. Over that time the band has built an impressive resume. They’ve released four full lengths and done the national tours, both headlining and as support.

Fellow members, Shawn Cox on lead guitar & Austin Elsberry on drums complete the band’s lineup, lending their mark to the new songs. The new lineup’s writing process developed quickly, and before long, demos progressed into booking dates for basic tracking. Taking their time to track offered a space for new opportunities and brought forward the idea of added instrumentation. The upcoming record titled, “Just Leave,” is a 10-track exploration of life-long relationships, internal perspective & personal growth. Just Leave releases Friday, June 3, 2022 on Max Trax Records.


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Desaparecidos, The Good Life, Conor Oberst, Japandroids, Superchunk, The Get Up Kids
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