Listen, Natalia - Sweetest Girl

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Somewhere huddled, there’s a man that’s trapped. Inept with fear of the creatures he’s seen lurking outside in the late hours of the night. Tormented and compelled to create by some unseen force, some kind of buzzing noise you can feel in your gums, he sings songs about pain to pass the time and to satiate some malicious entity he doesn’t fully understand. Voices and visions, it’s like he’s trapped within someone else, experiencing lives that aren’t his, little intrusive movies that play in his head. He doesn’t remember sleeping. Things sort of just stop. But soon he’ll escape… and hopefully play some fun shows!

Listen, Natalia is the solo alternative folk project of multi-instrumentalist, Dylan Stephens, who upon donning various masks becomes different characters, the main of which is Deathpact Bogart, that trapped fellow you heard about earlier. Sweetest Girl is Listen, Natalia’s latest album and tells a wide range of stories. Tackling love and loss in interesting and more somber ways. With a heavy focus on lyricism, poets are sure to be delighted. Delving into the more macabre later in the album with songs that discuss suicide, mental illness, trauma and even…murder? (Scared face emoji) With a wide range of moods and topics, Sweetest Girl is sure to have at least one song that everyone can vibe with!


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