Leo Blais Slowly Releases 40 New Songs


Leo Blais Slowly Releases 40 New Songs

Free Download of "All In All" off The Upcoming Slow Drivin EP
(Part I of the Everyone's Feelin Alone Collection)
The Story:
Almost every musician now-a-days stages themselves as artists and environmentally conscience, but Leo Blais is genuinely all of the above. Somewhere amongst the musicianship of Jason Collett and Ben Folds, mixed in with the mission of Al Gore and slice from the eccentric left brain of David Byrne, Leo Blais was born. We'll be bringing you a collection of maxi-singles that will eventually combine to become the Everyone's Feelin Alone Collection. In total, this collection will have 40 songs. The first installation, Slow Drivin, boasts 5 total tracks, 4 of which are b-sides, including a version of George Harrison's song, "Beware of Darkness". There will be a new maxi-single/EP from the collection released every month for the next 10 months, beginning with the song "All In All" off Slow Drivin(Part I of the Everyone's Feelin Alone Collection). If Leo Blais sounds familiar, you may recognie him from performances with Snow Patrol, Dispatch, The Dresdon Dolls and The Neighborhoods.

The Art:
With thousands of letters and many gallons of paint, it took Leo over two years of constructing, painting, and displaying to get the artwork ready for the Everyone's Feelin Alone LP and the other 10 maxi-single EP's in the collection. Using an X-acto knife, a sharpie, and quite a bit of patience, Leo carved out and constructed all of the letters that make up each of the lyrics and liner notes inside each of the albums. Every single one of the song titles are hand painted and shaded gray for a 3-dimensional look. His debut LP has a poster inside, which is a wrap around of his apartment in Lowell, MA. Go to Leo Blais' YouTube Channel for a time lapse piece on how these pieces were constructed.

The Environment:
Leo is also taking a progressive approach to "going green", as they say, ensuring that the Everyone's Feelin Alone LP and the subsequent touring will all be carbon neutral. The carbon footprint made by making the LP will be offset by the planting of trees in forests that have been ravaged by wildfires.

Layout of the installation of Leo Blais' Everyone's Feelin Alone collection:
Slow Drivin - maxi single Part I (2008)
Sincerity - maxi single Part II (2008)
Everyone's Feelin Alone - LP (TBA)
The Free EP - Part IV (2008)
Nice Day - maxi-single Part V (TBA)
Come Again - maxi-single Part VI (TBA)
All in All - maxi-single Part VII (TBA)
Life is Fiction - maxi-single Part VIII (TBA)
Show Me Love - maxi-single Part IX (TBA)
Everybody Was The War - EP Part X (TBA)
For more info on the series/music/videos:
"All In All" off the Slow Drivin maxi single
"Call You Home" Video