Chicken Ranch Records offer X-Mas MP3’s for Charity


Chicken Ranch Records offer X-Mas MP3's for Charity
100% of The Profits Go To Austin Food Bank

Austin based Chicken Ranch Records (Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5, Yuppie Pricks, Blue Eyed Blacks, etc) is releasing two Christmas MP3s for donation with 100% of the profits going to Austin Food Bank. Remember how much you willingly paid for Radiohead's digital version of In Rainbows? Pay that, if not more, to help feed the needy in Austin this holiday season. Donation is optional, but obviously highly encouraged. Also, if you're in Austin on December 11th, Chicken Ranch will be holding a benefit show featuring The Emotron to raise money for two more charities, Anthropos Arts and Blue Santa. Here's some more info on the artists who are releasing the MP3's:

The Emotron
"Santa Claus (I Still Believe In You)"
The Emotron is a one member vulgar southern synth punk band originally from Snellville, GA, now residing in Philly. This year, The Emotron has toured from PA to Alaska in a Vegetable Oil Fueled bus, even working for a month in Kenai, Alaska at a fish cannery. The Emotron is often compared to the sound of Atom and His Package with a stage show comparable at times to GG Allin and Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton. Check out his new album, The Decemberwrist.
* theemotron at gmail dot com

(Savanteous Q Malmsteen)
"What Do You Get A Wookie for Christmas"
Geoff Johnston, the warped stoner mastermind behind (Savanteous Q Malmsteen), writes amusing songs and delivers them in an appealing one guy/one guitar style -- think They Might Be Giants giving in to their baser impulses and playing R-rated coffeehouse music.... Johnston is evolving from a mildly amusing lyricist to a lethally deft social critic. Some day he's going to write a song about you, and all your friends will laugh.- Splendid E-Zine
* If you hate Nickelback, click here.

The paypal address for donations is ranch at chickenranchrecords dot com. For more information on Chicken Ranch Records and their donation drive, please contact Michael Dickinson (cranch at or check out