Lee Moretti - Vanishing Acts [EP]

Mint 400

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of ‘Vanishing Acts,’ the debut EP of The Furies lead singer, Lee Moretti. Written and recorded during her coming of age years, this piano and guitar driven tour-de-force is widely regarded as a nuanced, soulful, and lush first effort. A fevered rhythm section with ethereal vocals translate as a tell-all novel, where the story is clear: love, loss, revenge, and most of all – the sleight of hand in us all. Now re-released through The Furies label, Mint 400 Records, ‘Vanishing Acts’ is a re-introduction to the music that started it all for Moretti and clan. Ahead of The Furies long-awaited newest release, it serves as a reminder that all of our roots come from fertile soil.

Lee Moretti’s release ‘Vanishing Acts’ with her band is as classic a debut as it is cutting edge. A mix of what’s been as well as what could be, the guitar and piano-driven, riveting storytelling sings us to reverie while grooves and harmonies soar.” – The Deli Magazine

“Foreboding piano, unusually combined with an uplifting vocal style.” – Goeff Wilbur


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