Le Big Zero - At Arm's Length [EP]

Mint 400

“cascading song structures, jittery post-punk rhythms and odd shifts in time but with some serious head-nodding grooves to be found”—The Deli NYC

Sebadoh/Superchunk indie rock with angular, Minutemen-tinged post-punk… fetching and melodic” – The Big Takeover

“stunning, highly energetic, lo-fi-punk… like an imaginary studio jam between Suicide with early-era Strokes”—Last Day Deaf

Blending garage rock with complex, yet poppy song structures, Brooklyn’s Le Big Zero continues to develop their unique and approachable sound. Through cross-country moves, DIY tours, and a rotating cast of crucial but temporary bandmates, Michael Pasuit and Ben Ross have held it down as the core of the group.

Their latest, the At Arm’s Length EP, is rounded out by Katie Cooney and Lukas Hirsch, who have taken the band even further since 2022’s excellent and critically-praised, A Proper Mess. And this is a far more collaborative effort for Le Big Zero, with much of the album coming together organically in the rehearsal space, over the course of extended jams.

At Arm’s Length asks you to come check this out, look a little harder. Because the songs, especially the EPs lead single, “Toy,” are right to the point. Inspired by indie acts like Parquet CourtsLes Savy Fav, and Speedy Ortiz, it’s all unconventional hooks and weird charm. Lock-step male-female harmonies for days. Beautiful and intense. But hang out with them for a bit longer, take another run-through. There are intricacies, unexpected time changes, syncopation. They switch without warning between big, deep, churning chords and jagged driving garage rock. Then it’s on to art rock, angular tunes. There are moments of tension throughout, and not one is anything like the other. Because we’ve all felt and internalized a steady tension over the last few years, in some way or another. This album got it all down on one EP.


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Parquet Courts, Pile, LVL UP, Metz, Speedy Ortiz, Pardoner
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