LC Flowers - At Home

Mint 400

“In late January 2020, I found myself walking along Bourbon Street in New Orleans, escaping the Midwestern winter, if only for a few days. I’d decided the previous year that I’d have a sober 2020 – the irony of finding myself within the debauchery of one of the country’s biggest party cities in my newly found teetotalism was not lost on me. I’d completed a self titled effort in late 2019, so as is usually the case post-album, my creativity and drive were in remission. I eventually made my way into a song (Brianna) late February with the help of an acoustic guitar and the anticipation of winter coming to an end, and though the times/world had other ideas in mind, At Home was born.

The last pre-pandemic traveling experience involved visiting family and friends in my hometown of El Paso, TX. I took the opportunity to hold an impromptu recording session (Narrow) at the home of a good friend/collaborator (W. Byers) the day prior to boarding what would be the last plane in a while. By the time initial lockdowns were in full-effect, I’d decided to make the most of forced isolation by purchasing a full size digital piano, intending to learn basic chords, scales and whatever theory I could grasp. Learning efforts would often get interrupted by ideas during practice so chord progressions flowed organically, resulting in songs, Wincing being one of the first.

Halfway through the year I became a Mint 400 Records artist and the compilation album Works1619, encompassing select songs from the prior four years was released in the interim. At Home’s leading double single, made up of the sleazy psych guitar Polka Dot Woman and the more conventional Balloons, were released with accompanying videos. The songs are contrasted thematically; one boasts of a potential new relationship and the other details a  disintegrating partnership.

The rate of one song per month would continue until the last day of 2020, with loop derived The Rot being the last contribution to the album, a beat forward lo-fi thing. At Home is the first all-new material since 2019’s self-titled LC Flowers. Tracks like Strangers and the title track reflect the newly discovered distance/isolation simultaneously shared around the globe. The title track depicts scenes unfolding on the sidewalk as the author sits on the living room sofa, preparing for yet another Zoom meeting. Please enjoy and thank you.” – LC Flowers


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