Kris Russ - Hunting Season [EP]

Growing up in San Diego CA, listening to artist like The Story So Far, Secondhand Serenade, and  Armor For Sleep inspired me to want to pick up the guitar and write music. The only problem was I couldn’t ever find members that were dedicated enough to follow through with the big picture. So, one Christmas I asked for a guitar and ended up getting an acoustic that I would later find being my main instrument of choice. I didn’t grow up in some rich suburban house hold with the perfect family that could just spare some extra change for me to learn how to use the damn thing so I taught myself using advice from friends, YouTube, and basically anything I could get my hands on to learn how to do what these people in my headphones did so well. I didn’t have a good childhood and I’m not going to sugar coat that but that doesn’t mean my mother wasn’t doing her best to help me follow my dreams at age 12 to become the artist I wanted to be. Eventually skipping a lot of the nonsciences and just jumping into the meat and bones of my story I eventually found myself with a moderately successful band Titled The Hail Mercy or THM for short that would eventually lead its way into me becoming a solo acoustic singer/songwriter that created the EP, Hunting Season after the band broke up in early 2019. I started to notice this reoccurring trend where no matter how good or bad an act I did I’d always be to blame for something. So I titled the EP Hunting Season to hone in on that.


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Dashboard Confessional, Secondhand Serenade, The Rocket Summer, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Explicit Tracks
#2, 3 (Clean edits on DISCO)