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K.D.A.P’sInfluences‘ is the new instrumental electronic album from Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew. The record is a slide show of intimate joyful moments playing out against a backdrop of a world on fire. It’s a dance record for the mind while the clubs are all closed, a rush-hour commute soundtrack for people stuck working from home. It’s a celebration of survival and an elegy for lost friends. It’s a reminder that excitement and anxiety often elicit the same heart-pounding sensation. And it’s the sound of someone who once forgot it in people remembering it in himself. “I didn’t have anything to say on this record,” Kevin admits. “But I had so much to feel.”

“We live in a society that’s based on selling yourself back to yourself. It’s created an underground battle to constantly be searching for “true identity”. We wanted to create a video presentation that promotes exploring over searching and brings the mystical slide-show of never ending opinion to the forefront of this battle. We used available footage from the World Wide Web from other artists and cut together a blender of images to tell a love story about continuing to move forward amongst the never ending information of how one is supposed to live.” – Kevin Drew


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Autechre, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins, Squarepusher, Boards Of Canada, Plaid, Four Tet, Apparat