Justin Courtney Pierre - Ghost World [EP]


From the desk of Justin Courtney Pierre;  My earliest memories are of a boy named Charlie. He was my best friend growing up and we used to play with Hot Wheels together. My mom was always getting mad at me for trading my brand new cars for his beat-up broken old hand-me-downs that he received from his older brothers (it seems I’ve always had a predilection for weathered things). I didn’t mind if my toys looked as if they’d been played with, as long as everything was in its place. I had a tendency to spend more time categorizing and organizing things as a child than I did actually playing with them.

And anytime Charlie would come over (I never played at his house, he always came to mine) all my sh*t would end up out of the boxes and containers and splayed out all across my bedroom like a murder scene. It stressed me out to the point where we’d eventually get into a shouting match and my mom would have to send him home. Our relationship was tumultuous at best. I’d have these reoccurring nightmares about hearing his footsteps slowly climbing up the stairs to my bedroom. I’d count each one, all 12 steps, but he’d never appear. And yet the footsteps would continue to climb. I’d jump out of bed in the middle of the night and start organizing sh*t, like my sock drawer, thinking if I refolded each sock just a little better, then nothing bad would happen. I was 4 years old at the time.  – Justin.  (Continue reading bio in downloads folder)


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