Jordan Lucas - Serious Musician


Jordan Lucas is a singer/songwriter and musician originally from Georgia residing in Denver, CO. It was in high school he discovered the guitar and the heroes that come along with it. After the obsession with the instrument became ingrained in his life, he also began to discover the different things the instrument could do and the effects that opened up endless possibilities. He began to branch out to different styles, genres, and instruments and felt the energy by the realization that you don’t have to be tied down to what is on the radio or even deemed popular in the world.

During this eye-opening stage of his musical journey, he began to experiment with other fellow artists and projects. He supported other acts, joined bands, and performed studio work. Moving around a bit, he finally joined forces with a few friends to form a band called ‘My Instant Lunch’, where he played lead guitar, supported backing vocals, and contributed to their songwriting was during this period that Jordan laid out the foundation of his songwriting.

Once that season came to a close, he moved to Denver and started a life there while continuing to stay close to songwriting, making music, and supporting other artists. For years, while he loved working and writing with other artists, he wanted to put together a project of his own work. Finally, in 2020 he began that project.

His debut solo album, Serious Musician, touches on these journeys while focusing on his mental health, life experiences, and hopes for the future. It also portrays the outward expression of all the different musical influences and experiences over the years, while propping up more chapters for years to come.


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