Jane’s Party - Live Again


Beloved rock quartet Jane’s Party usher in the return of live music with their endlessly catchy LP, Live Again; produced by Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien from popular indie outfit Zeus, who bolster their production work with guest performances of their own. Featuring The Sheepdogs and BROS frontman Ewan CurrieMax Clilverd (Tom Odell) and indie pop innovator FRANKIIELive Again perfectly captures the essence of a previous generation of music makers, embodying the stylings and sounds reminiscent of the 1970s classic rock era.

Guitarist and vocalist Tom Ionescu elaborates that Jane’s Party “craved the more organic and analog side of recording and approached this collection of songs from a live performance perspective first. Ironically, just as we were wrapping up the recording process, COVID hit, which forced us to pursue a less live and more online musician experience. Two years later, the album title now has added meaning.”

Born from a period when their lives were lived on the stages of pubs and in the back rooms of bars, focus track “It’s Been Years” long existed as part of JP’s live show. Often played near the end of the night, when inhibitions were lifted and memories were hazy, it speaks to the feeling that although they were on a different path than many of those around them during those times, they were never in it alone.

JUNO Award-winning engineer Jay Dufour mixed classic rock anthem and ‘70s jam “Stay With Me” featuring Ewan Currie (The Sheepdogs/BROS) on vocals and Max Clilverd (Tom Odell) on slide guitar. Francesca Carbonneau and Nashlyn Lloyd from FRANKIIE sing back-up on nostalgic “Change Her Mind”, and “Days Of My Youth” takes a lighthearted approach in revisiting the past.

Lead single “Live Again” continues its rise up the radio chart, is now a Top 40 alternative single in Canada, and was featured on massively popular playlist curator alexrainbirdMusic’s July 2022 playlist. The track also hit #23 on the U.S. commercial specialty radio Sub-Modern singles chart with Jane’s Party notably being the only self-released band on the chart. The lyric video kicked off a social media campaign full of side-performances, remixes, and short bits all tying back into the original concept centered around bassist and vocalist Devon Richardson being taken hostage. Through a blackout on their online platforms, which the abductors had ‘hacked’, fans found demands to be met in exchange for his safe return: 1 million streams on the new single, 100,000 new YouTube subscribers, and a dozen chocolate glazed donuts. The kidnappers’ expectations were exceeded when total Spotify streams grew to over 8 million. The official music video which formed from the ‘simple idea of burying a band member alive’ soon revealed the true culprits of this mastermind operation—Jane’s Party themselves. Download the ‘newspaper clipping’ HERE.


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