Islands–Arm’s Way–Anti


Arm's Way
ADDS 4/15/08

Islands hail from Montreal, flowering from the same scene that gave us Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade. (When Islands’ Nick Thorburn played in Montreal legends The Unicorns, Arcade Fire would open shows for them.) Islands’ Anti debut Arm’s Way finds Thorburn and crew in full command of a palette of classic pop colorings, from the ‘70s rock heroics of “The Arm” to the slinky cinematic pop of “I Feel Evil Creeping In.” While their previous album, Return to the Sea, earned the band rave reviews and a fanatical US audience – Pitchfork called it “a sprawling, gorgeous collection of pop songs” – that record can now be seen as a warm-up for the sweeping confidence and symphonic scope of Arm’s Way.

RIYL: Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire, Unicorns
TRY: #1, 5 - DIRTY: #6, 7, 11

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