Mag Seven–Knife To A Gunfight–End Sounds


Mag Seven
Knife To A Gunfight
End Sounds
ADDS 4/15/08

The Mag Seven and End Sounds have decided to do something very odd in the world of punk (certainly has never happened in surf) and release two songs from the band's album Knife To A Gunfight (END 1015) under a license that will allow fans and fellow musicians to remix the songs and include samples of the material in new works of auditory art. We're curious to see what people come up with (e.g. lyrics for previously instrumental songs). "The Room Got Sexy When We Walked In" (track 7 from Knife To A Gunfight) and "Back On The Streets...Tonight!" (track 13 from Knife To A Gunfight) will be offered under a modified Creative Commons Sampling Plus license. More info and the tracks are here:
Full Album Available Here: