High Plains Drifters - Songs Of Love And Loss [EP]


“Everyone deals with loss differently. Whether it’s spending the time in solitude to reflect or rallying loved ones around you, the process is a journey for each individual – and in the case of indie-rock band The High Plains Drifters, the best option was to turn their emotions into an album.” – Wonderland.

The High Plains Drifters have been making a name for themselves with their overtly catchy anthems, amalgamated soundscapes, and tongue in cheek lyrics that tell the ever relatable stories of love lost and found.” – Flaunt

“Offering an innovative blend of pop with Americana nuances, The High Plains Drifters continue to deliver earworm melodies that resonate with people and allure them in equal amounts.” – Earmilk

The High Plains Drifters’ new wave-inspired ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ steps out of the 80s and into 2021 ready to strut like no other indie rocker you’ve heard this year.” – Music Existence

“Their second full-length album (due this year) perfects the genre- bending sound that made their debut a buzzing sensation.”  – Glide Magazine

The High Plains Drifters Tug At Our Heartstrings With Songs Of Love & Loss EP. We adore the emotion and passion within this single, as it lets the listener contemplate where their heart is at.” – BuzzMusic

“The band shares their music with light-hearted lyrics to give you a nice hearty laugh that makes you want to dance and remember the days that we once took for granted.”  – Popwrapped

The High Plains Drifters . . . [2019] debut album is an impressively eclectic collage of genres that range from rockabilly to pop-punk.” – Popdust

“A perfect mix of feel-good rhythms and catchy melodies, [the debut] album showcases the members’ talent at effortlessly merging completely different genres . . . and still makes you want to dance and sing at the top of your lungs.” – Stage Right Secrets

“We easily loved the music, it reminds us of the beautiful 80s and electro-pop hits from that legendary music era.”  – The Man


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