Henry Morris - Jawbreaker


Morris’ solo project is grounded, stirring with an undeniable momentum.” – Ones to Watch

“[Morris is] an alluring conjurer of sweltering slow burners that capture all the glorious and messy sides of hot and heavy passions.” – Grimy Goods

Hailing from a place where it never hails, but it did last week. Los Angeleno Henry Morris was born in 1999 but prefers to spend his time in the 60’s. Henry Morris has no beliefs, but believes his music can transform the world. In sync with the anachronistic stylings of Chris Isaak and Lana Del Rey, Morris’s lyrics tell of complicated young love gone wrong. His delicate yet fierce guitar drips with the melodic eloquence of a young Jeff Beck. Listening to a Henry Morris song will undoubtedly send you back to the first time your heart was crushed and left bleeding and dying on the side of a desert highway. Henry Morris doesn’t listen to music, but in his spare time Henry enjoys playing guitar and looking out the window.

In Henry’s forthcoming album entitled Jawbreaker, you’ll see winners lose, losers win big, honest men steal, and rich men beg. And while talk is cheap Henry knows lies are expensive. He can say his music is intensely real because, while his wallet isn’t fat, neither is his head. Of Jawbreaker Henry Morris says, “you’ll walk the line, you’ll sing the blues, and you’ll be 6 feet deep when the albums through.”


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The Neighbourhood, Cigarettes After Sex, Lana Del Rey, Conan Gray, mehro, David Kushner, Good Neighbours, Chase Atlantic, Isabel Larosa
Explicit Tracks
#7, 8, 9, 11 (Clean edits on DISCO)