Hammer No More The Fingers


Hammer No More The Fingers
Looking For Bruce
Churchkey Records
ADDS 4/7/09

Hammer No More The Fingers hail from Durham, NC, but on their upcoming full-length debut, Looking For Bruce, the band channels greats from all over the States. The Casket Lottery, Cactus’s, Pinback and even riffs from Small Brown Bike all seemed to have tattooed impressions on the minds of Jeff, Joe, and Duncan, aka HNMTF. In May of 2008, the band traveled to Magpie Cage Studios (Against Me!, Murder By Death, Yeasayer, Speaker Speaker, Rahim, etc) in DC to record this debut full length, with Mr. J Robbins.

“That's what we're talking about: College rock in that best old-school, early '90s sense, though it goes some place else with it, too. (Echoes of Pinback throughout the album.) - Stereogum

Try: #2, 4, 7, 9 - Dirty: #5, 6

Full Album (and CLEAN edit) Available Here: