Color Of Violence


Color Of Violence
ADDS 4/7/09

The Color of Violence is collaboration between two dudes, between many dudes, between too many dudes. The beginning often is looked at as the end, and in this case it can be summed up in one word(s),"Skeleton Slaughter vs. Fetus Destroyer". This early incarnation of the Color of Violence was a grind/noise band with members Derek Bloom, Travis Richter, Matt Good, Joey Antillion and Chad Crews. The group quickly changed the name to the Color of Violence, and put out a self made 3 song EP and saw one tour in early 2003, which went down in history as most efficient use of a '97 Corolla. The band parted ways after this never to return to its original state and the EP is one of the most sought after cult releases in history among the enormous network of extreme music enthusiasts whose existence itself has yet to be verified. But you see this wasn't the end, only the beginning!... Just like I was saying before a couple paragraphs up! On a boring winter day in Albany, GA original Color of Violence members Derek and Travis decided to put their home recording studio to work and write some random songs. The point was simple; create something that was short and to the point, in your face and colliding all the musical tastes they had acquired up until that point.

RIYL: I Set My Friends On Fire, From First To Last
TRY: #1, 6 - DIRTY: #2, 3, 4, 9, 10

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