Greg Chako - Life After 40

Mint 400/Raining

The skilled guitarist and composer performs ten of his originals in a group with bassist Mason Daugherty, drummer Michael Meloy, former Miles Davis percussionist Steve Thornton and, on three of the selections, pianist Wayne Yeager.

Greg Chako’s new music, which is full of singable melodies, guitar solos that are both melodic and creative, and colorful percussion, often has the flavor of Brazilian jazz. Many of his pieces are taken at a relaxed pace including the opening “Jayflower,” “Life After 40,” “Bass-in Mason Bossa,” a tender “Jamie’s Waltz,” and “Miami Ballad.” “Changes” and “Jay All Day” offer changes of pace with faster tempos and plenty of heat while still featuring subtle interplay between the musicians. “You Don’t Know What Funk Is” (based on “You Don’t Know What Love Is’), “Love For Latin” (a complex line over “Love For Sale”) and “Funky Eyes” are also performed by the guitarist and add to the variety of the enjoyable set.

While the guitarist is generally the lead voice on Life After 40, pianist Yeager takes inventive solos on three pieces, Thornton’s percussion is an important part of the ensemble sound, and Daugherty (who was in the spotlight on the guitarist’s previous recording A Place For Bass) and Meloy are stimulating accompanists. Life After 40 is the latest milestone in Greg Chako’s career. He is heard in prime form throughout the entire album, making every perfectly-placed note count. His music is both accessible and consistently creative, melodic yet full of unpredictable moments. – Scott Yanow

“The best jazz improvisation going beyond the repetition of licks and the various pet phrases . . . Spontaneous melodic development . . . the zenith of this art form . . . An extemporaneous ability to create coherent melodic statements and to develop them on the fly with impeccable rhythm and phrasing . . . keeps the listener engaged! He never disappoints!” – Joe Finn, Jazz Guitarist


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