Granite To Glass


Granite To Glass
for when you need this
ADDS 4/4/17

"...a riveting, rather transfixing listening experience that deserves the broadest attention possible." — Stereo Embers Magazine

Granite to Glass is a Lowell, Massachusetts-based, solo-artist-led collective of musicians. Led by singer-songwriter Jon Kohen, the ensemble also consists of four regular string players, and many other less frequent contributors. Together Granite to Glass creates music with an intimate, yet powerful, and haunting, yet uplifting sound.

For several years Jon Kohen was a solo act. In 2015 he sought to record an EP with orchestral string players, and contacted his long-time friend, violinist Lilly Innella to help create the ensemble. In doing so, the two formed a studio orchestra of 14 string players to record "Curse the Darkness, or Create a Light." A portion of the group decided to play live shows with Jon. After a few months, they decided to become a band, and named themselves Granite to Glass.

For their first record, the band joined forces with composer Derek J. Weagle to create an album with a full orchestra and choir. The album, for when you need this, was released on March 10th, and features over 50 musicians.

RIYL: Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Lost In The Trees
TRY: #2, 4, 5, 6, 7

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