B. Miles


ADDS 4/4/17

B.Miles' latest is mesmerizing.” - Fader

“Had Amy Winehouse cut her teeth during the explosion of synth-bowered pop she may well sound a lot like B.Miles.” - Nylon

B.Miles is poised for a breakthrough.” - Time

B.Miles may not be on the soundtrack of the next James Bond movie, but by our assessment, she certainly should be.” - Interview

B.Miles came to life in the dead of winter 2015, born from a troupe of close friends and trusted musicians locking themselves in an old storage unit-turned-recording studio on the remote ends of Brooklyn for days, weeks, at a time. They emerged with Miles’ debut, ’Twenty Fifteen.’ The EP found a remarkable level of attention, with all three tracks hitting the Top 10 on Hype Machine and B.Miles reaching #1 on Spotify’s Viral 50 charts. “Salt” particularly took on a life of it’s own, tallying over 7 million Spotify streams and receiving airplay from BBC Radio1 and KCRW!

B.Miles returned to that same Brooklyn storage unit last year, with the same team in tow, to record a follow-up to ‘Twenty Fifteen.’ Dotted with lush strings, driving electronic beats and an eclectic array of samples and soundscapes, the collection was released as a self-titled EP on March 17th.

From Miles’ booming vibrato on the cold-footed love ballad “Rude” to the croon of Blind Willie Johnson (a sample of his 1927 “Mothers Children Have A Hard Time”) during the cathartic build-up of “Tell Me I’m Wrong.” the self-titled EP explores an expansive depth of sonic textures within it’s five-song arc. “Typical Words” boasts a striking pop chorus and triumphant vocal melody while album closer “Y.I.N.U.” is a hazy minute-and-a-half vignette full of fluttering rhythms, repetitious lyrics and dream-like synths.

RIYL: Golden Vessel, Morly, St. South
DIRTY: #2, 3
TRY: #1, 4

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