Galanos - Three Songs [EP]

Mint 400/Pyrrhic Victory

Galanos return with three new songs about death, wolves, and work. More material in the works as the music must be made to combat the horrors of modern civilization. The valley of death is open for business, ennui has set in, and all that is left is the song. I’m in a box, in a car, it’s so cold.

Kingston, New York’s Galanos don’t so much celebrate the darker things in life as they embrace the darkness life has to offer. Taking their name from a combination of literary references and Spanish that when combined roughly translates to ‘silver tongued devils,’ Galanos music is darkly seductive and coldly aloof at the same time. Blurt Magazine calls “rich in atmosphere and unnerving in its tragic grace” and added “there is much here that bodes well for an intriguing future.”

Galanos came together in 2013, after singer/songwriter Gregory Jaw (The Brides, Thee Hallowteens) completed a set of sea-soaked songs in his basement studio fueled by a need for reinvention and catharsis. His lyrics deal with loss and madness; a darkness of the heart. As he says, “I felt myself putting together this new music which was really a chance for me to explore the relationship between my own sense of grief and the universality of grief inherent in the human experience.” Since that time Joe Pugsley and John Steele (both from NJ bands The 65’s and VOD) along with Netochka Nezvanova joined in. Their songs run the emotional spectrum. Netochka and Gregory’s voices bounce off one another. The band’s sound has evolved and taken on a new life with their latest album. Steele’s powerful percussion blended with Pugsley’s fuzzed-out bass playing offer an omnipresent backbone to the songs which allows for exploratory guitar playing and vocalization.