“I don’t know for sure if Australia’s FVNERAL are named after the Arcade Fire album, but they definitely make the kind of triumphant, widescreen indie rock that the band helped pioneer.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Musically, there are shades of Band of Horses and Arcade Fire (both of which released music with Funeral in the title) – the gentle indie stylings with a punch and some momentum when needed” – The Live Wire

This EP is a collection of songs that detail our own experiences in trying to confront some dark truths about ourselves, both in the way we treat other people and in the way we treat ourselves.

In their own way, each song on the EP talks about our journeys toward being honest with ourselves and with those closest to us. While some of these songs dive headfirst into some truly heavy subject matter, something we try to keep returning to keep returning to is the idea that there’s such catharsis in candor and redemption in truth. Being able to reflect on the darker times in a responsible way – with the help of mental health professionals and the support of your loved ones – can be the key to more consistently finding yourself surrounded by the lightness.

We hope that anyone who hears these songs can feel just how transformative being honest can be, in allowing you to be kinder to yourself and to those who you love most.


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Pinegrove, Arcade Fire, Tigers Jaw, String Machine, Manchester Orchestra, Slaughter Beach Dog
Explicit Tracks
#2 (clean edit on DISCO)