Flying Raccoon Suit - Moonflower

Bad Time

Flying Raccoon Suit sign to Bad Time Records for new LP ‘Moonflower,’ share “Swan Song” – BrooklynVegan


Bearded Gentleman Music: Interview 

“Bright,catchy….Flying Racon Suit expertly toe the line betwen lighter, ’90s-style indie rock,and the rich, horn-fueled ska of that same decade.” –Andrew Sacher, BroklynVegan 

Don’t let the cute name fool you… Flying Raccoon Suit are one of the most original bands in the modern ska scene, and are dead serious about crashing genre boundaries in expert fashion. “Moonflower” is the band’s third full length album, and the growth is astronomical; while their 2021 album “Afterglow” displayed the band’s ability to craft intricate and complex songs that range from punk, to metal, to mathcore, “Moonflower” has refined these same complexities into 13 extremely catchy melody heavy tracks.  The band sways between 90’s alt rock, midwest emo, and doom metal (blast beats and all), while maintaining a steady throughline of melodic ska punk that keeps the album grounded.  Singer Jessica Jeansonne channels a bittersweet croon throughout the record, but displays a full range of layered vocals that perfectly complement the album’s various style changes.  This album is a journey worth taking, and from a single listen you will realize why Flying Raccoon Suit is one of the most vital up and coming bands in independent music.