Florian’s Creek - Happy Music For Depressed People [EP]

Mint 400

Florian’s Creek creates twitchy Indie Pop that that mixes genre’s to create the perfect music for a new generation.” – Sam Lowry | RebelNoise.com

“Singer songwriter Elijah Thompson goes by the band name Florian’s Creek to create amazing mash ups of pop, hip hop, folk and indie rock. Do you remember the first time you heard Beck’s song “Loser”? That’s kind of the vibe” – BloodMakesNoise.net

Florian’s Creek makes a bold statement on introductory track ‘Trainwreck’, expertly mashing genres from bedroom pop to hip hop to indie rock to create something entirely unique.” – The Rodeo Mag

Florian’s Creek is a genre-fluid artist from Jersey producing boundary-breaking music for introverts and outsiders. He considers himself a bit of a wanderer, in music, but also in life. With influences from everywhere from rap to folk music, the one consistent element to his sound is a dedication to music as a catalyst for catharsis and vulnerability. Featuring a blend of alternative, rock, and rap styles. His influences include DijonSoccer Mommy, and Childish Gambino.

Since the age of thirteen Florian has been producing beats in his bedroom. At the time he felt his sound was too weird to be taken seriously as an artist, let alone a rapper. Eventually, Creek decided to embrace his unique sound. Using catchy melodies to explore awkwardness and melancholy, and channeling his insecurities into noteworthy and relatable art.

All of 2022 Florian’s Creek was hard at work producing his first official EP release with Mint 400 Records, as a newly minted artist on the North Jersey label. The project is titled Happy Music For Depressed People and it drops 2/24/23. Three words that describe this EP are EMOTIONAL, QUIRKY, and HOPEFUL. On this project Florian somehow manages to balance emotional lyrics that somewhat dive into feelings of depression, vulnerability, and suicide with instrumentals that bring an aura of hope to the listener. It’s like Florian wants to remind us all that the rain can’t last forever, and that the sun is always shining somewhere.


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