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Floating Action
Floating Action
Park The Van
ADDS 4/21/09

After Seth Kauffman’s 2006 debut and 2007 follow-up left critics drawing comparisons as diverse as Motown to the Carribean, Kauffman returns as Floating Action. This April, Park The Van Records will release Floating Action’s self-titled debut, and Kauffman’s most accomplished work to date. Once again Kauffman has performed and recorded virtually every note himself at his home studio, and – in an age where obsessive computer editing and auto-tuning are taking the humanity out of even most home recordings – once again his refreshingly organic approach to making music is receiving rave reviews: “He invokes those classic, soul staples of deep and penetrating bass lines, simple but ideal and perfect lyrics about the troubles of love and jingling guitars. He gives you the jitters and the absolute sway is all his." - Daytrotter

TRY: #4, 7, 8, 13

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