Fax Gang & Parannoul - Scattersun


“More dynamic than either artist’s work alone, Scattersun pushes them into the burning wreckage of reality, where everything feels brilliant yet overwhelming.” – Pitchfork: Album Review (7.0)

“What ties Fax Gang’s music together is less a commitment to genre than to the soul of the old internet, fueled in part by their technical approach.” –Bandcamp Daily

“In Parannoul’s hermetic world, hyperreal synth presets achieve the same uncanny dissonance as dream-pop’s gauzy guitars; emo shares a language with shoegaze; bedroom pop sounds alternatively like one person on a laptop and the soundtrack at a planetarium laser show.” –Pitchfork

None of Scattersun’s principal collaborators could easily meet in person. When Fax Gang and Parannoul began work on the album in 2023, they encouraged themselves to throw all caution to the wind with regard to genre and sound palette, ultimately weaving together intense strains of blown-out electronica that pull on a whole manner of stylistic threads, from two-step beats, to flashes of breakcore, cloud rap passages, and pop serenity.

Having co-written the album entirely though means of text chat, Scattersun is the product of a completely asynchronous operation in which no one shares a timezone. After their first collaboration on the co-production “Four Walls” for Fax Gang’s 2022 release Dataprism, the internet-based collective knew they had to attempt a bigger project with the anonymous shoegaze artist Parannoul.

Scattersun expands on the heartfelt sibilance of Fax Gang’s prior output with Parannoul’s penchant for epic song structures and tumbling climaxes, layered with diaphanous vocals that oscillate between hope and despair. Lead single “Lullaby for a Memory” comprises elements of twitchy drum n’ bass and Parannoul’s overdriven pop-shoegaze, with pitch corrected vocals interfixed through uptempo percussion, piano, and distorted layers of melodic atmosphere.


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